Another great event at the Golf of Ascona!
Two weeks after the exceptional hole of Nicolò Verganti who with his "albatross" started the "Hole in One" promotional campaign, this Sunday, September 29th during the pro-am, we witnessed an extraordinary "Hole in One ”by Volahanta Adrianasolo on hole 7
We invite all people who have registered in recent weeks and want to become members with an entrance fee of 4,999.- CHF (instead of 25,000.- CHF) to consult the rules and fill out the official application form by 31 October 2019.
The forms can be downloaded from the link below, they must be completed in all their parts and delivered to the Ascona Golf office (via Lido 81, 6612 Ascona) or sent by e-mail to complete with all required documents, no later than October 31, 2019.
If you have no godfathers, you can write "committee member" in the form.
After October 31, 2019, members will no longer be admitted on the terms of the promotion.
All those who have submitted the completed form within the deadline and made the payment of 4'990.- CHF will be able to play on the field immediately and throughout 2019 without additional costs.

Application form

Regulations promoting active members