Course description

The courses 18 holes are beautifully set out in absolute harmony between tradition and innovation. Considered one of the most fascinating courses in Switzerland, the holes wind through the magnificent trees and its beautiful natural setting. The course is flat and technically well planned and so can be easily enjoyed by all levels of players.

EGA Playing Handicap

Birdie Book

Tee distance
TEE C CR 71,2 SL 125 OUT 3030 IN 2917 TOTAL 5947 m
TEE M CR 69,4 SL 121 OUT 2860 IN 2718 TOTAL 5578 m
TEE S CR 73.0 SL 128 OUT 2674 IN 2552 TOTAL 5226 m
TEE L CR 71.1 SL 125 OUT 2520 IN 2404 TOTAL 4924 m

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Do you want to be informed about the maintenance and progress of the works of the Golf Ascona? We have maximum attention and care of the nature in which the whole course extends.