Waiting for the 100th anniversary...


The Golf Club Patriziale Ascona was officially founded in March 1928.

The initial idea of building a golf course in Ascona started in early 1925, and in 1926 for the very first time the word “ Golf “ arose in the Patriziale`s acts.

Plans for building the course were laid out in 1926, with full planning for 18 holes on 50 hectares and with a course length of 5324 meters. In a short time work began and the first four holes were soon completed.

For the Verbano region the 30`s are a period of great change. Ascona in particular is becoming internationally known as a very beautiful and cultural town.

The Pearl of Lago Maggiore

Once an old fisher town, Ascona is now called „pearl of Lago Maggiore“ as it is located on the shores of a splendid and sunny bay.
Wealthy tourists, dynamic intellectuals, businessmen, sports and show men chose this little paradise as their traditional destination. The Golf Club became a meeting place for those who developed the region as we now know it.
With the first contract in March 1928, the “Patriziato” of Ascona and the
“ Federazione interessi della regione Locarnese “ ( Federation of Locarno`s regional relevance ) founded the Golf Club and the beginning of a history full of anecdotes, fascination and status for the people who wrote it.

The golden decade

Even at the beginning of its activity, the course in Ascona is considered the
“ nicest 9 holes in Europe “ and in the following years many great events will improve this reputation.
In 1932, architect Roelli designed the first Clubhouse and British architects Colt & Alison map out the second 9 holes, that with the assistance of architect C.K. Cotton will create 18 holes to open in 1957. During the creation of the second 9 holes the course itself is redesigned, concentrating on a beautification project including the planting of many trees and flowers that today give it its wonderful character and certainly make it one of a kind.
In 1933 the lease contract is assumed by the Golf Club Ascona-Locarno that will manage activities until 1960, when the Patriziato of Ascona will replace it and give birth to the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona.
During the 60`s and 70`s the clubs quality grows thanks to an excellent international reputation, renown golf professionals and more frequent visits of famous guests.

Best golf course of Switzerland

Great care is taken in the constant development and improvement of the course and its infrastructure with the result the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona has indeed an excellent reputation and was in 1999 voted the “Best Golf Course in Switzerland”.